CG Watson is a Young Adult author, educator, and youth activist from northern California.

Her first novel, QUAD (Razorbill) dealt with the culture of social alienation and meanness that leads a student to do the unthinkable at one high school.

The ABSOLUTENESS OF NOTHING (originally published as ASCENDING THE BONEYARD, Simon Pulse, 2016) addresses the devastating, confusing landscape of grief and loss for one young man, Caleb Tosh. His real life becomes blurred with the world of his favorite video game as he tries again and again to refresh and replay all the wrong choices he’s made, hoping the outcome might finally be different. His addiction to the video game could easily be substituted with alcohol, drugs, self-harm, or other forms of escapism. The real question is, will Caleb Tosh find his way out of this false reality before it’s too late?

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