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YA Book Central recommends The ABSOLUTENESS of NOTHING (formerly Ascending The Boneyard) with four other books for fans of the smash hit Netflix series Stranger Things! If you haven’t seen the series, click here for the trailer.

Caleb is being crushed under the weight of a shattered family, guilt, and abandonment. His only escape from his dark reality is computer game the Boneyard, where he can take control in a virtual landscape. But as Caleb relies more and more on the game, the lines between pixels and reality start to blur. Birds fall dead from the sky, his phone fills up with malevolent texts, and he encounters people as unreliable as his own mind. His fractured present is interwoven with flashbacks to the past, including the accident that had permanent consequences for his brother. ~Barnes & Nobel 13 Most Anticipated SciFi books of 2016

Watson’s sophomore effort will appeal to readers who like their action shot through with psychological suspense and enjoy untwisting complicated threads to get at a story’s core. ~Booklist

…readers who invest in Tosh’s struggles and triumphs will be rewarded by how Watson pulls the strings of reality together (and) will find much to digest and explore here. ~School Library Journal

A master of young adult fiction, C.G. Watson’s The ABSOLUTENESS OF NOTHING (formerly ASCENDING THE BONEYARD) is a fast-paced meditation on grief, family and survival. This novel is ambitious, bizarre, compelling, and innovative. It will grab the reader and never let go. ~Carrie Jones, author of the NEED series

… fast-paced, trippy, wholly authentic… you are in Caleb Tosh’s head, right there with him, along for the roller coaster surreal ride of somebody who’s been damaged by life without fully realizing it, who’s struggling to move forward in a world that doesn’t seem fair, to escape that world at times… to figure out how to heal all the broken. Beautiful and powerful… ~Joshua McCune, author TALKER 25 series

This book is a keep-you-guessing tale about grief, gaming and kinda-gross cockroaches that will have you wondering what’s really true and what is not until the last page. ~Pat Zeitlow Miller, author of SOPHIE’S SQUASH and WHEREVER YOU GO

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By letting us see that each group has kids who are vulnerable, Watson not only keeps the suspense high, but pushes us to examine what might be going on under the surface of our own schools and with our children. This is a disturbing and powerful novel, but one that teens, educators and parents will benefit from reading. ~Sheryl McFarlane’s Book Blog

Do not, I repeat, do NOT begin reading this book at night because you won’t be able to put it down. In this tight, finely written story, someone is shooting up the quad. You could guess, but you’d be wrong. Sadly, these people will be all too familiar to you. ~Julie Anne Peters, author, Luna – National Book Award finalist

QUAD speaks to the problems faced by many teens and offers many opportunities for discussion of current topics. Every library needs a copy, and perhaps every school curriculum needs to adopt it as a learning tool in the classroom. ~Sally Kruger, book blogger

C.G. Watson has created a shocking and powerful story about the pressures of high school and, like Asher’s 13 Reasons Why, how the smallest of things can have devastating results. … Watson has written a future classic. ~Dwayne Jeffery, The ALAN Review

So sad that so many school shooting stories have inspired such a story.  But what a powerful story it is. Bullying, cliques and mean behavior end up causing one student to lose it and take a gun to school.  Various students’ stories are woven together with the events that take place on a fateful day. ~Ms. Cheek, book reviewer

Part mystery, part thriller, QUAD is a dark look at the cause and effect of bullying and peer pressure. Watson keeps the tension high and the action going until the explosive conclusion. A real page-turner. ~Tracy Lynn, author, Rx


  • ALA/YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers, 2008;
  • Teen Read Week Books With Bite, 2008;
  • Edgar Award Nominee, 2008;
  • CYBILS Award Nominee, 2007

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